Girls Inc. Alumnae Association
Girls Inc. Alumnae Association

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The Girls Inc. Alumnae Association, continuing to inspire all women to be strong, smart and bold.

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The Girls Inc. Alumnae Association is a powerful network of women who have participated in Girls Inc. programming. The association is open to all past members of Girls Inc. organizations (including Girls Clubs of America prior to 1990). The Alumnae Association provides an exciting place for connecting, networking and lifelong learning. 

The Girls Inc. Experience continues to live and thrive within the Alumnae Association. Alumnae engage with one another in an exclusive online community and through a variety of in person events. Within this community, alumnae can maintain, and develop new connections with their fellow Girls Inc. alumnae both within their own communities and across the U.S. and Canada.

The Girls Inc. Alumnae Association is a place for Alumnae to connect, grow, and stay engaged with Girls Inc. so that they can continue to help pave the way forward for the new generation of strong, smart and bold Girls Inc. leaders.